Mission MS-10 Subwoofer

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Bassteller: 250 mm
Verstärkerleistung: 150 Watt
Frequenzgang: 30 bis 165 Hz
Steuerung: Lautstärke, Trennfrequenz, Phase
Auto Mute: ein-und ausschaltbar
Abmessungen: 41,0 x 28,0 x 50,0 cm
Gewicht: 18.6 kg

The Mission MS10 Subwoofer is an active subwoofer designed to enhance the low bass information from both music and films. Its high efficiency in combination with rugged 250mm bass unit gives an extra dimension to movie soundtracks.
With a frequency response ranging from 30Hz to 160Hz they provide awesome sound reproductions at low frequencies. Best of both worlds with huge sound, deep, fast, musical, compact, yet powerful sound.
The Mission MS10i Subwoofer has a very efficient 150W integrated amplifier that delivers controlled low frequency performance with an adjustable crossover frequency, level control and Phase switch which optimises the Mission MS10i Subwoofer for stereo hi-fi or dedicated low frequency effects on DVD and Movies enabling seamless integration within most rooms.

Highly efficient ported enclosure fitted with rugged 250mm bass unit for astonishing impact from Low Frequency Effects.
Downward firing bass unit improves room coupling at low frequencies dispersing the sound evenly throughout the listening area.
Efficient, Class 'D' 150W amplifier and integral crossover with intelligent overload and thermal protection ensures that the MS10I will deliver optimum low frequency performance, even under the most demanding conditions
The adjustable crossover frequency, level control and phase switch optimize the Mission MS10i Subwoofer for stereo hi-fi or dedicated LFE input, enabling seamless integration with almost any size/power hi-fi and AV loudspeakers and amplifiers.
Line level and high level inputs are provided for fast and easy connection to a variety of systems. Auto
Power switch for economical and automatic standby operation.
Available in Black Cherry or Walnut

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