Leider ist dieser Deal mittlerweile abgelaufen
Fjord 1kg Specialty Kaffee €28 statt €35-€60
173° Abgelaufen

Fjord 1kg Specialty Kaffee €28 statt €35-€60

28€60€-53% Kostenlos Kostenlos
173° Abgelaufen
Fjord 1kg Specialty Kaffee €28 statt €35-€60
eingestellt am 10. Nov 2020

Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich:

Fjord ist einer meiner Lieblinge! Wegen Corona bieten Sie 20-50% günstigere Preise für 1kg Packungen.
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lockdown in Germany again, and that means that many of our wholesale

clients are not able to open their doors, so we've seen a lot of

cancelled wholesale orders and a dramatic drop in the quantity to roast.

To help keep our crew busy and to stop cancelled orders from going to

waste we want to send these coffees to you! We have a wide variety of

coffee remaining, from Special Editions to Blends. These coffees were

supposed to be sent to some of the best coffee shops in Berlin and the

rest of the world - but now we want to send them to you!

We won’t tell you what coffee we’re sending but we guarantee:

  • High grade specialty coffee
  • Passed our strict wholesale QC process
  • Hand Roasted with Care
  • Delivery with DHL
  • Roasted within 2 Weeks of being sent

These coffee if normally range from 35 - 60€+/kg so it’s a huge discount.
Please help us out at this time and stock up!
You will also be supporting our small business at this time.
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