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40% auf alle eBooks auf Apress, z.B. Developing Games on the Raspberry Pi
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40% auf alle eBooks auf Apress, z.B. Developing Games on the Raspberry Pi

eingestellt am 12. Apr
Und noch ein Spring-Sale, dieses Mal auf apress.com! Gebt den Code SPRING19 im Warenkorb ein, um 40% Rabatt auf alle eBooks dieser Übersicht zu bekommen. So gut wie alle Titel sind auf Englisch. Hier ein paar Beispiele:

Developing Games on the Raspberry Pifür 13,79€ statt 21,59€
  • Learn to set up a Pi-based game development environment, and then develop a game with Lua, a popular scripting language used in major game frameworks like Unreal Engine (BioShock Infinite), CryEngine (Far Cry series), Diesel (Payday: The Heist), Silent Storm Engine (Heroes of Might and Magic V) and many others. More importantly, learn how to dig deeper into programming languages to find and understand new functions, frameworks, and languages to utilize in your games.

Using Your Web Skills To Make Moneyfür 11,99€ statt 19,99€
  • Discover what you need to learn to thrive and master online course creation and other income generating strategies that really work. This short book is the story of what worked and what didn’t for author Azat Mardan, giving you the best tools and inspiration to achieve your monetary, career, creative, or contributorship goals. Are you happy with your current level of passive income? Do your products or businesses make you money while you're asleep? When it comes to money and passive income, the only person you can rely on is yourself. Using Your Web Skills To Make Money will navigate you past any obstacles you may face in generating multiple income streams... especially if you're doing it for the first time.

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