79,79 € Nintendo DSi XL Console

79,79 € Nintendo DSi XL Console

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Large 4.2" screen (93% bigger than DS Lite) and wider viewing means uninterrupted viewing for all ages
Longer stylus as well as a Touch Pen for use in the home
Two motion-detecting cameras
Take shots using a range of 11 special camera effects
Save content onto an SD memory card, upload to your PC or Wii and share with friends and family using WiiConnect24
Enhanced volume and sound quality (compared to DS Lite)
Plays AAC-encoded music
Apply effects to sound files that are played on the console
Download DSiWare and customise your Nintendo DSi with games and applications from the DSi Shop
Includes A Little Bit Of Brain Training and 5-in-1 Dictionary pre-installed!

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Habe mal bestellt, nach AT, werde berichten wie es verlaufen ist.
Höchstens kommen 20 % dazu, hoffe ich .

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