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After the first station (PC DRM-Free) kostenlos (itch.io)

eingestellt am 24. Nov 2021

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Genre: Gelegenheitsspiele, Indie
Sprache: Englisch
After the first station is where the protagonist can embark on a peaceful voyage through a wonderful and magical environment. Along the way, the stories narrate about an ordinary life and the different stages of life. There could be happy moments in life, there could be disappointments and realizations in this world. It’s we who decide our own life. So cheer up, everything will work out in the end.

Life is like a train embarking on a journey,there will be an ending towards the journey. However, it doesn’t matter, what matters the most is the things you went through, every tiny little precious memory accumulated can make your life whole.

  • After the first station is developed by a one-man team.
  • First-Person Gameplay
  • Atmospheric and appealing graphics
  • Light Puzzles
  • Amazing and magical landscape to explore
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