[Amazon] App of the Day Big Action Mega Fight!
[Amazon] App of the Day Big Action Mega Fight!
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[Amazon] App of the Day Big Action Mega Fight!

Hey Leute, heute gibt es die App Big Action Mega Fight! gratis. Nur echt mit dem Ausrufezeichen im Namen^^ Normalpreis sind 0,69 Euro. Gaynau und jetzt zu den Highlights (wie immer präzise und perfekt von Amazon auf den Punkt gebracht^^)


Punch your way through over 35 stages of non-stop fighting action
Upgrade your fighter and learn new power moves like: Fistnado, Orbital Punch, Poultry Rain, and more
Intuitive touch-based controls will make you forget you ever needed a controller to play fighting games
Luscious hand-drawn sprite animation and varied detailed environments
Gripping dramatic storyline
Bodacious soundtrack that'll make you wish it was still 1989
Amazon GameCircle achievements and leaderboards

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