[Amazon Blitzangebot] LG 49UH610V 123 cm 49" Fernseher (Ultra HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV) [Energieklasse A+]

[Amazon Blitzangebot] LG 49UH610V 123 cm 49" Fernseher (Ultra HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV) [Energieklasse A+]

eingestellt am 22. Dez 2016
Im Amazon Blitzangebot gibt's den 49" UHD Fernseher LG 49UH610V für 489,00 € anstatt 999,00 € (Ersparnis von 51 %).

PVG bei Idealo: 529,00 € inkl. Versand.

Daten (Quelle: geizhals.de/lg-…tml):

  • Diagonale: 49"/124cm
  • Auflösung: 3840x2160
  • Panel: LCD, LED (Direct-lit, Local Dimming), IPS, HDR
  • 3D: nein
  • Tuner: 1x DVB-C/-T/-T2/-S/-S2 MPEG-4 AVC
  • Video-Anschlüsse: 3x HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), Komponenten (YPbPr), Composite Video
  • Audio-Anschlüsse: Digital Audio Out (1x optisch), 1x Kopfhörer (3.5mm)
  • Weitere Anschlüsse: 1x USB 2.0, LAN, 1x CI+ 1.3
  • Wireless: WLAN, WiDi, Miracast
  • Prozessor: Quad-Core
  • Betriebssystem: WebOS 3.0
  • Audio-Decoder: DTS
  • Audio-Gesamtleistung: 20W (2x 10W)
  • Besonderheiten: Webbrowser, Webservices, DLNA-Client, USB-Recorder
  • Abmessungen mit Standfuß: 110.8x70.7x21.8cm
  • Abmessungen ohne Standfuß: 110.8x65.7x8.2cm
  • Gewicht mit Standfuß: 12.00kg
  • Gewicht ohne Standfuß: 11.70kg
  • VESA: 300x300

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Mal gekauft, danke

PMI? Unterschied zum.LG 50UH635V?
Bearbeitet von: "Time2Relax" 22. Dez 2016


Time2Relaxvor 11 m

PMI? Unterschied zum.LG 50UH635V?

Was soll PMI sein?

Unterschiede hast du hier.

Was ist mit der Community passiert? Seit wann sind 7% unter Idealo ein Deal?!

Die Bildwiederholungsfrequenz
TV soll Bad IPS.Glow und Backlight bleed haben


Time2Relaxvor 10 m

Die BildwiederholungsfrequenzTV soll Bad IPS.Glow und Backlight bleed haben

Ah okay, danke für die Info.

Auf der Herstellerseite steht, dass der Fernseher einen PMI-Wert von 1200 hat (Reichweite ist wohl von 100 bis 2300, siehe hier).
Bearbeitet von: "Tobi51" 22. Dez 2016

Time2Relaxvor 1 h, 31 m

Die BildwiederholungsfrequenzTV soll Bad IPS.Glow und Backlight bleed haben

Not really, PMI is picture mastering index it is supposed to tell how good the tv is at processing images, the ranges is 100-2300 but 2300 are oled's which is sky high it is pretty good for its price range. (It should basically tell you how good the panel is, compared to other LG models.)

(virtually no Tv's have really more than 100HZ)

I have this tv at home and it is really good, mine has no real backlight bleed, it does struggle at showing blacks (in the sense you can notice if you have a black screen and turn the tv off what real black is) but it gets very bright (this is one of the 2 allowed types of hdr, one which has super dark blacks but doesn't need to be that bright and the one in which it never gets very dark but can be super bright).

All in all I am super happy with the TV, the picture is awesome (although this has more to do with how much the panels improved recently) in my opinion it is this cheap simply because you don't get all the bells and whistles not related to the screen (e.g. no magic remote) but you do get all the important panel benefits.

Plug into it a true 4k hdr source and it looks absolutely stunning, (I got us an xbox one s for that purpose)

Also a warning that on this display you will see the difference between non hd and hd content, hd starts to look ok, fhd looks very good and 4k awesome, but sd looks pretty bad, I even got the neighbours old 720p plasma which always looked good to me to compare it to this and it is actually significantly better at sd than it, the problem is simply you "get used to" better picture quality

Also I paid about 30 eur less than this on Black Friday.

Hope this helps someone...
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