{AmazonAppShop} Scopa HD    {App-des-Tages}

{AmazonAppShop} Scopa HD {App-des-Tages}

eingestellt am 26. Nov 2013
App-Titel : Scopa HD
App-Store : Amazon Appshop
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Event : App des Tages
Bewertung im Playstore : 4 Sterne

Scopa HD ...Would you like a card game full of options? A card game that makes you play vs friends (offline multiplayer via bluetooth or wifi) or vs players from all over the world?

Scopa HD is what you need!
Cards Drag & drop, animations, background musics, sound effects, and much more...
Enjoy yourself by using one of the following game features:
- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER in order to make a challenge with people from all over the world (powered by skiller-games)
- OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER (via wifi o bluetooth to play against your friends)
- ONLINE 2 GAME MODES: STANDARD MATCH (11 points match) & QUICK MATCH (1 only turn match)
- ONLINE TOURNAMENTS: try to win our tournaments and get lot of virtual coins
- ONLINE LEADERBOARDS (both single player and multiplayer leaderboards)
Google-Playstore : play.google.com/sto…=de

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