[Android Apps] Opera Mobile Store, Premium & Paid Apps kostenlos

[Android Apps] Opera Mobile Store, Premium & Paid Apps kostenlos

eingestellt am 6. Dez 2013
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Im Opera Mobile Store (einfach im Browser eures Androiden aufrufen) gibt es heute Premium/Paid Apps kostenlos.

Ich zitiere:
"Popular Premium & Paid Apps for Free? Only if you get them NOW. Tell your Friends, too! Don't miss this opportunity to save everyone hard-earned $$$!"


- Asphalt 8: Airborne
- Hungry Oni
- Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle
- Pixel Artist - Camera Effects
- Dragons of Atlantis
- Lost Robot
- Live Holdem Poker Pro
- XnRetro
- SMS Text Messaging ? PC Texting
- Miseria
- Galaxy Pool (physics game)
- Megapolis
- Colony Attack
- Empire: Four Kingdoms
- ZDbox
- Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper
- Color Zen
- SoundBow
- EZ Weather HD Forecast Free
- Lucky Fields
- AngryStones ~ Piratron
- Cavemania
- SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

Vieleicht ist ja was für den einen oder anderen dabei.
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Wo ist das PAID ? Asphalt 8 usw. sind alle for free


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