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[Android] Crypto Helper

eingestellt am 30. Mär 2022

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Für Security-Fans gibt es das Crypto Helper Tool für Android kostenlos.

Extremely fast and incredibly secure encryption tool
that can be used as a second layer over any existing or future
application. The simple design does not save any sensitive data that
could later be used against your security. Once you quit the app, all
secret data is erased.

Current features:
  • Using an algorithm similar to Vigenère and one time pad ciphers
  • Strong key derivation leveraging cryptographically secure random salts
  • Frequency analysis page finds how many of each ASCII character are found in a given string of text Optional noise injecting feature injects random data into the cipher and increase entropy
  • Hexadecimal encoded bytes support any UTF-8 characters (accents, Cyrillic, etc.)
  • Random key generator
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