[Android] Darkest Dreams - im Moment gratis!

[Android] Darkest Dreams - im Moment gratis!

eingestellt am 18. Apr 2017
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As its name features, the game is about a guy who enters his darkest
dreams, reminding him of his girlfriend that died in a tragic accident,
to succeed in forgiving him self and to forget his past.

Set in a
dark atmospheric and sad world the main purpose of the game is to
eliminate the blocks of each level to advance in the dreams through
gates that open at the end of each level. While advancing in the dark
dreams, levels get more complicated by the addition of some obstacles.
It is your job to help the poor character to overcome his sadness and
his nightmares!

Featuring dark graphics, calming and emotional
music, mind bending puzzles that increase in complexity, a beautiful and
dark environment with gorgeous particle effects and simple one tap
controls , it's guaranteed that the game will keep you busy for hours!


• dark, minimal and beautiful graphics
• calming and emotional music
• no IAP
• no ADS
• One time payment
• 40 levels of mind bending puzzles
• more levels and twists will be added soon

if you're a fan of limbo's dark environment, mind bending puzzles of monument valley, you will surely like this game!

keep in mind that this is an indie game made by one person so it may
not be perfect and may contain bugs, if you encounter any problem,
simply report it to me via email.

If you enjoy the game, please consider leaving a review, this will help me a lot!
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Wär cool wenn der Link zum mobilen Playstore führen würde. Aber sonst hot
Danke, klasse Spiel :-)

Darkest Dreams,
Wenn Sie Fan von dunkler Umgebung sind wie bei Limbus und Rätsel lieben wie bei Monument Valley, werden Sie dieses Spiel sicherlich mögen. Darkest Dreams ist ein emotionales, minimalistisches, entspannendes und dunkles Indie Puzzle-Spiel.
Bearbeitet von: "fliva" 19. Apr 2017
Danke, mal mitgenommen.
Super Tipp, danke
Danke für den Tipp, wäre an mir völlig vorbeigegangen.
Wieder aktuell... hoch push 🙃
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