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[Android] Little Sea Wolf | Lernspiel für Kinder kostenlos im Play Store
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[Android] Little Sea Wolf | Lernspiel für Kinder kostenlos im Play Store

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The floating house of Captain Little Sea Wolf is the new amazing app for children up to 6 years old.

Your kids will have fun with activities and mini games designed for them and with different difficulty levels to suit the little and the older ones.
Children and parents will help Captain Little Sea Wolf to discover colors and shapes, to cook tasty recipes, to dress properly for the weather, to plant flowers in the garden, to brush his teeth, to watch the stars in the sky.

More than 25 games spread in the 8 rooms of the floating house will train kids brains: memory, labyrinth, puzzle, jigsaw, groups, numbers and many others.
Captain Little Sea Wolf and his friends will carry the kids into a world full of adventures, surprises and able to teach with fun!
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