[Android] Tallowmere *2D Action/Jumpx27nx27Run RGP bis 10.Juli, für 1.09€

[Android] Tallowmere *2D Action/Jumpx27nx27Run RGP bis 10.Juli, für 1.09€

eingestellt am 4. Mai 2016
Tallowmere , ein 2D Action Jump'n'Run RGP für 1,09€ statt 3,99€. Das sind satte -75%Die Übersetzung der Beschreibung im Playstore ist echt übel, weshalb ich den original Auszug kopiert habe. *schande über michTallowmere ist dennoch einen Blick wert, vor allem auch weil das Game mit sehr vielen Controllern kompatibel ist. KEY FEATURES:✓ Action roguelike platformer with randomly-generated levels, each room bigger than the last ✓ Wreak havoc with trusty axes, hefty clubs, teleporting katanas, stealth-enabling emerald daggers, freezing ice wands, bouncing grenades, embroiling flamethrowers, and powerful rocket launchers ✓ Find and equip outfits, headgear, shields, and more ✓ Hunt for power with 7 tiers of item rarities ranging from Basic to Otherworldly ✓ Learn to conquer multiple enemy types with elite variations, including fire mages, archers, leapers, conductors, ogres, flail knights, feelers, bloats, and zaeries ✓ Satisfying combat with persistent bloodsplats and gibs ✓ Tactical shield blocking ✓ Infinite jumping ✓ Deadly traps and obstacles to try and avoid, such as spinning pinwheels, acid clouds, and extremely pointy spikes ✓ Coins, hearts, souls, and keys to collect from slain foes ✓ Hardcore permadeath to keep your adrenaline going ✓ Treasure chests to loot ✓ Potions to keep you alive ✓ Special room events and bosses to master ✓ Passive abilities for you to gain strength and then some ✓ Shrines of untold power ✓ Coin-loving merchants ✓ Difficulty settings to match your pain threshold✓ Challenge modes✓ Soft savegame system (so you can quit and resume later)✓ Personal high-score system✓ Local achievement system✓ Sacrificial kittens✓ Controller support✓ Independent game developer
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