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eingestellt am 22. Okt 2021

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Hallo Freunde der elektronischen Musik,

für viele Apps von Kai Aras ist gerade Sale und Ihr könnt bei folgenden Apps ca. 55% sparen.

RE-1 Tape Machine 10,99€ >> 4,99€

RE-1 is a full featured virtual Tape Machine capable of delivering authentic tape based echo and chorus effects but it doesn't stop there. With it's interactive tape player, sample, loop and overdub features it's possible to use it like a virtual tape recorder, sample player, looper or simply as a master effect.

RF-1 Reverb 6,99€ >> 2,99€

RF-1 is a collection of algorithmic reverbs capable of creating a variety of effects ranging from small rooms to huge, heavily modulated spaces and everything in between.

VOLT Synth 21,99€ >> 9,99€

VOLT is a virtual analog synthesizer designed to create classic synth sounds while emphasising expressive play.
With full support for multidimensional polyphonic expression (MPE) - VOLT is a great companion to any Seaboard player.

Agonizer 21,99€ >> 9,99€

Agonizer is a monophonic synthesizer designed in collaboration with YouTuber and synth bass expert Jakob Haq of haQ attaQ

SF-1 Stereo Filter 6,99€ >> 2,99€

SF-1 is a dual Stereo Filter Effect with a special focus on expressiveness.
Built around 2 multimode filters with multiple filter models that can be configured to run in series, parallel or one per channel, SF-1 is true filtering powerhouse

ShockWave - Synth Module 21,99 >> 9,99€

ShockWave is a monophonic Synthesizer designed to bring modular style workflow to the world of iOS & AUv3 plugins.

RM-1 Wave Modulator 8,99€ >> 3,99€

RM-1 is a multi purpose audio effect designed around various types of modulation.
Featuring a built-in carrier oscillator, multimode filter, envelope follower and low frequency oscillator, RM-1 creates new sounds by combining carrier waveform and the audio input in different ways.

KB-1 Keyboard Suite10,99€ >> 4,99€

KB-1 is a suite of expressive virtual keyboards and controllers designed for a multitude of scenarios.
Play multiple instruments simultaneously, complete with MIDI Polyphonic Expression, scales, chords, strumming and more.

MM-1 MuteMaster 8,99€ >> 3,99€

MM-1 is a unique effect plugin designed to create automated or generative arrangements by automatically mixing multiple tracks inside a DAW.

FD-1 Filter Delay 10,99€ >> 4,99€

FD-1 is a Semi-Modular Effect Plugin including dedicated Filter, Delay and Modulation sections.
At it's core, FD-1 is designed to create filter rythms and grooves by first sending the signal through a modulated filter section before feeding it to a delay stage but it goes much further than that.
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