AppZilla 3 : 150 in 1 (iOS) for Free (24h)

AppZilla 3 : 150 in 1 (iOS) for Free (24h)

eingestellt am 21. Okt 2013
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AppZilla makes Apple's "Best of 2012" list!

He's back! The new AppZilla is here - with more apps than ever - 150 Apps in 1! Plus, AppZilla 3 only needs half the storage space of AppZilla 2! (see below for complete app list!)

Along with a fresh, new look and 40 ALL-NEW apps, AppZilla 3 contains a total of 150 apps including BRAND-NEW additions like Photo Filters, Space Cows, Blackjack, Solitaire, Captionator (Photo Captions), Heat Vision, Punch Clock, Media Vault, Voice Alerts, Photo Goo, Black Book, Contact Backup, Snake, Recall and more!

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