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AWF Mohawk Watchface (Wear OS devices - API 28+)

eingestellt am 22. Apr 2022

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Echter schwarzer Hintergrund und batteriefreundliches digitales Zifferblatt für Wear OS

Only for Wear OS devices - API 28+


• true black background
• high resolution
• PNGQuant optimized layers > battery friendly
• 12/24 H time (adapts to connected phone)
• custom shortcut for preferable health app
• simple ambient mode with low OPR & adaptive color
• 2x custom complications (SHORT_TEXT)
• 2x monochrome icon
• multilanguage date
• sweep sec indicator (arrow)

For full functionality please manually enable Sensors & Receive complication data permissions !

• 2x on left / right - editable in watch face settings (long-press) (SHORT_TEXT with 4 layouts)

• steps > tap to set custom app (Google Fit, Samsung Health etc.) - editable in watch face settings
• date > open calendar

• 30x - color - available through watch face settings menu (long-press watch center)
(sRGB corrected colors for perfect view on amoled screens)

• long press watch middle spot > open customization settings
1. color scheme
2. app shortcuts / complications set

Phone app serves only as an placeholder to make it easier to install & find the watch face on your Wear OS watch. You have to select your watch device from the install dropdown menu
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