[Berlin] 4. Webfest Berlin - kostenloses Bier, Snacks und fantastische Webserien - 9. 7. 2015, 20 - 23 Uhr - Eintritt frei

[Berlin] 4. Webfest Berlin - kostenloses Bier, Snacks und fantastische Webserien - 9. 7. 2015, 20 - 23 Uhr - Eintritt frei

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[Berlin] 4. Webfest Berlin - kostenloses Bier, Snacks und fantastische Webserien - 9. 7. 2015, 20 - 23 Uhr - Eintritt frei

Neben eiskaltem Freibier und kostenlosen Snacks wird jeweils eine Folge aus diesen Webserien aufgeführt:

Method or Madness
Zozo "The Fugitive of Space"
Gifted Corporation
Croissant Man

Das Festival Webfest Berlin ist unabhängigen, internationalen Webserien und ihren kreativen Köpfen als Anerkennung gewidmet.

Die digitale Welt ermöglicht Kreativen ihre Storys ganz unabhängig und frei zu kreieren und zu verbreiten. Das Festival Webfest Berlin möchte die Arbeit sowie die Erfahrung dieser Menschen teilen, und sie mit der Bildung eines starken Netzwerks unabhängiger Künstler unterstützen. So können Webserien jeder Art auch zukünftig gefördert, geschützt und angemessen honoriert werden. Wir laden Euch ein! Werdet Teil einer Bewegung, die die Zukunft des Online Entertainments neu definiert. „Be What´s Next“!

Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 32
10407 Berlin

Der Deallink geht zu den kostenlosen Eintrittskarten,
aber soweit ich weiß, ist man auch ohne Eintrittskarten willkommen.

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Four friends vexed by the stigma of Singledom come together at a support group for people who can’t find love. Led by the eccentric love-guru Janice Ackerman, the gang tries to cope with the daily trials of modern-day relationships in this sometimes dark, but always heartfelt and funny, romantic comedy.


Wallflowers, created by Kieran Turner, details the ensemble exploits of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single.

Set in the witty, cruelly comedic dating world of NYC, Wallflowers escapes the typical format of a web series and holds onto the long form narrative usually seen on TV. The series follows a tight knit group of jaded but hopeful Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and agony of single life. Nearing 40, they’ve found themselves single well past their “sell-by” date. Yearning for change, they seek out self-described “dating guru” Janice Ackerman, who’s vowed to find love for each and every one of her students, even if it kills them.


Croissant Man

Created by the very talented Tulica Singh, Croissant Man is a unique and whimsical look at the life of a croissant who exists in a world of filled with bigoted pastries, finger strippers, and the occasional crime-solving. Croissant Man deals with a major existential crisis and even seeks therapy in the first episode of this awesome webseries, which features a total of nine episodes for the first season. Future seasons are planned and that makes me very happy. I binged-watched it one evening and recently watched it again, enjoying it as much as I did the first time.



Croissant Man - Episode 1




Zozo "The Fugitive of Space"

ZOZO is a relentlessly pursued fugitive. Not just because of the 3 000 000 000 Zollars on his head. But also because ZOZO’s passion is acquiring rare objects, most of which belong to bad guys. ZOZO spends his life alternating between pursuit and flight, travelling throughout the universe in search of precious objects.

Genre: Comedy, Animation
Written by: Alexandre Follain
Produced by: Alexandre Follain





#SketchPack - A new breed of comedians and comedy actors making you laugh.
Its all here! Award winning web-series and sketches every Wednesday - ALL comedy all the time

#Sketch Pack - Essential dating tipps



Gifted Corporation

A webseries that meets the unknown, the extraordinary, the gifted. Sean and Silva, who guide us throughout the story, are trying to track down a mysterious coin killer, meeting thriller, action, science fiction and fantasy and amazing new people on their way. People who are special, who are unique, who are GIFTED.





Created by Camille Chastrusse, Discrépance sees four friends in their early 20’s on vacation at a family cottage, where they discover hidden secrets that redefine who they are and what they mean to each other.

Each episode of the French drama uncovers a new twist as the plot unfolds and we immerse ourselves deeper into the goings on of the characters lives and the sinister mystery surrounding them.



Method or Madness

"Method or Madness" is an award winning comedic series that follows two zany new york natives and aspiring actors, Nikki and Gerard. Their unreserved nature, unconventional friendship and periods of unemployment make them magnets for peculiar situations.
The episodes are improvised by the actors from an outline created by Nikki Gold and Gerard Bianco Jr.

Weben? Autohot!

Danke für die ausführliche Beschreibung.


Danke für die ausführliche Beschreibung.

Konnte mir überhaupt nichts unter diesen Web-Serien vorstellen und habe mich mal aus lauter Neugierde ein bisschen auf die Suche gemacht. Finde ich höchst interessant, was sich in dieser Szene so tut. Bin echt beeindruckt.

Gute Nacht.

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