"Billie Joe + Norah Jones - Foreverly" kostenlos im Stream

"Billie Joe + Norah Jones - Foreverly" kostenlos im Stream

eingestellt am 19. Nov 2013
Foreverly is the 2013 collaboration between Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Grammy-winning Pop songstress, Norah Jones. The collection is inspired by Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, an album of traditional Americana songs reinterpreted, recorded and released by the Everly Brothers in 1958. Billie Joe and Norah's album captures the beauty of the Everly Brothers' stunning close harmonies to create a moving and powerful testament to these traditional ballads.

Listen to Foreverly now for free! If you like what you hear, order the album, which releases on November 25.

Free streaming is available from now through release day.
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