BIT.TRIP RUN! (iOS) gratis

BIT.TRIP RUN! (iOS) gratis

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BIT.TRIP RUN! - A rhythm-music platforming game. Run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to a rich soundtrack as you run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal!

"The mobile adaptation of one of the year’s highest-rated (not to mention World Record-breaking!) PC and console games!"

- 3 gorgeous worlds
- 30 normal levels. Everyone can play!
- 12 “Challenge” levels. Are you good enough?
- 15 “Retro” levels. What a blast from the past!
- 8 amazing characters to play as, including a pickled pickle!
- 40 unlockable costumes
- 3 exhilarating “Boss” battles

Free update coming soon includes:
- 2 additional worlds
- 20 EPIC levels
- 8 more challenging challenges!
- 10 more levels of retro madness!
- 2 boss battles!
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