[Bundlestars] Lichdom Battlemage Steam Key

[Bundlestars] Lichdom Battlemage Steam Key

eingestellt am 8. Okt 2016
Bei Bundlestars gibt es dieses Wochenende noch Lichdom Battlemage für 92 Cent! Es ist ein Spiel, was man zu dem Preis definitiv mal testen sollte!

"Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person caster that gives the Mage the spotlight in a way never before seen in games. With limitless magical power at your disposal and brutal enemies around every corner, victory hinges on a combination of skill and strategy. You must carefully craft a vast array of spells and learn to cast them in the heat of combat.

You are your spells! The Lichdom: Battlemage spell crafting system offers an enormous range of customization. Every Mage is the product of crafted magic that reflects the individual's play style. Whether you prefer to target your foes from a safe distance, wade into combat and unleash your power at point-blank range, or pit your enemies against each other, endless spell customization lets you become the Mage you want to be. "
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