Bundlestrorm - The biggest graphic bundle
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It is not spam at all.


The deal cost 99$ on original website and since i am a partner with them i can sell it with 59$


As a deal author why i can not leave comments ?


Even if i lived 2 years in germany my german is not so good. i am really sorry if i have not understood that page.

Please can you tell me what i have done wrong so i can correct it next time ?

Thank you in advance.


I really do not want to break your rules. but are you talking that we can not promote our own deals ?

I really appreciate if you will help me to understand what i have done wrong. If you can maybe you can tell me in english.

just a quick'n'dirty translation of the relevant passage:

"nicht gestattet [...]
Partnerprogramm-, Werbe-, und Diebstahl-Links mit Referrer sowie Werbung für eigene Produkte oder Websites, private Ebay Auktionen und ähnliches was als Selbstpromotion anzusehen wäre"

=> "not allowed:
links for partner programs, advertising, and link theft with referrer as well as promoting your own products or websites, private ebay auctions and the like which could be filed under self-promotion"

hope this helps

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