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im IndieGala Store bekommt ihr derzeit das Spiel Chop Chop Princess! (PC DRM-Frei) kostenlos. Das Spiel wird eure IndieGala Bibliothek hinzugefügt. IndieGala ist ein Offizieller Reseller!

Genre: Abenteuer, Indie, Rennspiele
Metacritic: tbd
Preisvergleich: 6,99€
Oberfläche/Untertitel: Englisch

One grown-up divorced princess CHCHP is going through existential crisis.
Runaway from reality leads her to the childhood where one sweet memory is waiting, and this is her childhood friend, Teddy bear. But in childhood near the toys there had always been lava and dragons. Troublemaker dragon is sending 99 troubles to hunt the princess CHCHP who dreams to escape from reality. From now on you decide whether her escape is successful or not.

Chasing for followers and likes one #liftlook and #duckface lover has made her mind for a grand selfie with a real dragon to blow up the social networks. Finding herself in the dragon retro-dwelling the contemporary princess feels nostalgia for her childhood years.

Cassette players, yo-yo’s, chewing gums with terminator, tamagotchi… The memories overwhelm her so deep that she almost forgets about the selfie project. She decides to steal her childhood symbol Teddy bear in any possible way. But OMG! There goes the trouble. Teddy bear is held by the sleeping dragon. Selfie girl pulls the toy out of the dragon paws and escapes from the dwelling but nothing she knows about the dragon’s plan. All the Zephyr World habitants are now searching the dragon’s favorite toy. Nothing can stop Troublemaker unless he punishes and bans the raider for ever and a day!
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