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Chronicon - Complete [18,79€] [GOG] [Action RPG]

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2213732_1.jpgChronicon - Complete [18,79€] [GOG] [Action RPG]

> STEAM - REVIEWS: "Overwhelmingly Positive"
> GOG - REVIEWS: "Absolutely Amazing", "Why didn't I play this sooner", "No need to wait for a discount!"

PVG: 24,99€
Sprache: deutsch, englisch ua
System: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)

Beschreibung / Inhalt / Chronicon Complete

  • Chronicon - Base Game
  • Ancient Beasts - DLC
  • The Mechanist - DLC

  • 5 large and varied acts with each their own storyline to play through
  • 4 unique classes: The Templar, Berserker, Warden, and Warlock
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and areas – each playthrough is different
  • Local co-op up to 4 players (same machine, requires 1 Xbox 360/one controller per additional player)
  • Over 400 unique+ items with designed special powers
  • Over 700 items with randomized enchants & qualities, build-changing powers, and powerful set items!
  • Over 900 skills, abilities, and perks to learn and improve
  • Infinite character progression via endless Mastery ranks
  • Hardcore mode
  • Deep crafting - Enchant, Gem, Empower, and inscribe your equipment with Runes!
  • Endgame content including randomized dungeons, bosses, and endgame-only crafting mechanics
  • Full Xbox 360/one controller support (optional)

---> DLC: Chronicon - Ancient Beasts
Find and raise Ancient Beasts that will follow you on your adventures, staying out of combat carrying your loot and powerful new Artifact items. Through a series of quests, these beasts are grown from mere Hatchlings to Greater Beasts - significantly increasing their inventory size and number of Artifact slots.

A new type of item, similar to Runes, which are carried by your Ancient Beast to give you many new powers to pick from! You can have up to 6 new Artifact powers with a fully grown beast, with a pool of over 30 to pick from.

Go on Expeditions to new areas, fight new enemies, and unlock new passive skills! The new areas include the winter woods, ice caverns, burned forests, lava caves, enchanted lakes, mushroom forests, and more!

Large New Passive Skill Tree
Linked with your Expedition progression is 4 large passive skill trees, themed for the Expeditions themselves, which lets you trade in-game currency for a large amount of new passive skills.

Mythical Crafting
Turn any class set weapon into a Mythical quality set weapon - with increased stats, extra enchants, and two rune slots!

More Anomalies
Greater Boss Anomalies which lets you fight story act finale bosses for Mythical crafting materials. A ton of new Anomaly layouts and combinations using the new Expedition themes and areas have been added, as well as new anomaly bosses and enemies!

---> DLC: Chronicon - The Mechanist
Play as the Mechanist, laying waste to your foes with high tech weaponry and machinery!
Equipped with a medium range Gun, an Axe for close encounters (or throwing!), and a Jetpack for mobility, the Mechanist is an intense and powerful class.

Satellite focus
The Mechanist has unique Tech abilities which turn Satellite enchants into powerful Drones with mounted cannons.

Wide array of skills
Fight using Axe, Gun, Saw Blade, Turret, Jetpack, Machinery, Drone, Bomb, and many more types of skills, including 5 different machine Companions.

New Runes, Items, and sets
Includes over 40 new items of Unique, Legendary, and True Legendary rarity, 20 new Runes, and 8 full sets.

4 new skill trees
Spend skill points in the physical Frontliner, the fire Pyrotechnics, the poison Bio-Tech, or the holy Mechpriest skill trees, complete with over 150 new passive and active skills, with a matching full Mastery tree.

Ancient Beasts
Fully compatible with the Ancient Beasts DLC, complete with an Expedition Tree, several unique Artifacts, and Mythical Crafting.

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  1. andreasblume's Profilbild
    Sehr geiles Spiel. Es hat eine doch eher unerwartete Tiefe und Komplexität. Hab nach 100h immer nicht alles Mechaniken verstanden.
    schlurzer_moin's Profilbild
    Dem kann ich nur zustimmen. Geniales Spiel für Hack and Slash Liebhaber!
  2. Cerx's Profilbild
    Das Video erinnert mich stellenweise stark an "Vampire Survivors". Ist das ähnlich/besser?
    mrpotenz's Profilbild
    Ganz anderes Genre. Das hier ist eher mit Diablo und Co zu vergleichen.