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Code App [iOS/ iPad OS]
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Code App [iOS/ iPad OS]

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Code App [iOS/ iPad OS]
eingestellt am 19. Nov 2020

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Code. Compile. Run.

Code App is a desktop-class IDE for iOS / iPadOS with built-in cloud compilers support for 40+ languages.

An external keyboard is recommended for a full desktop-like experience.


• Monaco Editor integration, the same editor desktop VS Code is using

- Find & replace

- Command palatte

- Word-based Intellisense

- Multi-cursor

- And more

• Syntax Highlighting for 100+ languages

• Cloud Compiling for 40+ languages with multi-file support

• Support for Python machine learning modules including numpy, pandas, scipy, sklearn and mlxtend

• Preview website with built in web server

• Clone a repository from Github

• Drag and drop files from Files App or other apps

• Connect to SMB server or read files from USB drives via Files App

• Choose from over 90+ highlight themes

• iCloud Drive Integration

• Multiple Files Searching

• Code Suggestion for Python

• Quotes and Colons Autocompletion

Things to note about our Cloud Compiling

• External files reading is now supported

• Compiling only works with an active internet connection

• There's no support for custom external modules except `numpy`, `pandas`, `scipy`, `sklearn` and `mlxtend`

• There's no support for image output

• Network requests inside your code do not work at the moment

• There's no limit on usage

*We recommend using this app with iPads, although it works on all of your iOS devices.

Supported Compilers:

Assembly (NASM 2.14.02)

Bash (5.0.0)

Basic (FBC 1.07.1)

C (Clang 7.0.1)

C++ (Clang 7.0.1)

C (GCC 7.4.0)

C++ (GCC 7.4.0)

C (GCC 8.3.0)

C++ (GCC 8.3.0)

C (GCC 9.2.0)

C++ (GCC 9.2.0)

C# (Mono


Common Lisp (SBCL 2.0.0)

D (DMD 2.089.1)

Elixir (1.9.4)

Erlang (OTP 22.2)


Fortran (GFortran 9.2.0)

Go (1.13.5)

Haskell (GHC 8.8.1)

Java (OpenJDK 13.0.1)

JavaScript (Node.js 12.14.0)

Kotlin (1.3.70)

Lua (5.3.5)

Objective-C (Clang 7.0.1)

OCaml (4.09.0)

Octave (5.1.0)

Pascal (FPC 3.0.4)

PHP (7.4.1)

Plain Text

Prolog (GNU Prolog 1.4.5)

Python (2.7.17)

Python (3.8.1)

R (4.0.0)

Ruby (2.7.0)

Rust (1.40.0)

Scala (2.13.2)

SQL (SQLite 3.27.2)

Swift (5.2.3)

TypeScript (3.7.4)

Visual Basic.Net (vbnc
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