Connectify 75% Rabatt

Connectify 75% Rabatt

eingestellt am 16. Feb 2016
Gerade als ich meine Laptop ein wenig upgedated habe, ist mir augefallen, dass es aktuell wieder einen 24h Deal mit 75% Rabatt bei Connectify gibt! Ich persönlich habe die MAX Lizenz schon, aber vielleicht braucht jemand anderes ja auch diese praktische Anwendung.

Der Coupon Code ist DEAL75, über den Link kommt man aber auch direkt auf die Angebotsseite.

Easily Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Connect all your Devices

Just give your Hotspot a name and password, and you’re ready to go. Connectify Hotspot isn’t just the world’s most powerful hotspot software, it’s the easiest, too. Just give your Hotspot a name and password, and you’re ready to go. Have fun with it. Maybe name your Hotspot “Starbucks Free Wi-Fi” so that when people see it they’re left looking around for a Starbucks that isn’t there.

Share Any Type of Internet Connection

Connectify Hotspot lets you easily turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you can share Internet with all your devices. Turn a wired connection into WiFi at the click-of-a-button and even share an existing wireless network as Wi-Fi. Upgrade to Hotspot 2016 PRO or MAX and share your 3G or 4G LTE networks, too. Basically, if you own ANYTHING that connects to the net at all, we can make it stronger, better Wi-Fi.

Enjoy Safe and Secure Sharing

Your Hotspot is automatically secured with WPA2-PSK encryption, just like a conventional router. That means, all users get the safest and most secure WiFi sharing experience available.

Monitor Network Usage By Device

Finally! You can track down that friend who’s using all your bandwidth. Our newest feature gives you real-time graphs for monitoring how much data your various connected client devices are using at a glance.

Fling Files to Connected Devices

Forget passing around USB thumb drives. You don’t know where those things have been. Germ-riddled USB drives b’gone. Connectify Hotspot is the only software router that lets you wirelessly send files directly to connected devices, without even needing an Internet connection. In an ideal world we’d be able to pass EVERYTHING this way, but for now just files. Get PRO or MAX to unlock unlimited file flings.

Share Internet from 3G or 4G Networks (PRO & MAX)

Connectify Hotspot PRO and MAX let you easily share the Internet connection from your 3G or 4G LTE mobile broadband device. This means you can share your family data plan with friends, coworkers, or other devices even though they aren’t related to you by blood!

Get Ethernet-only Devices onto Wi-Fi (PRO & MAX)

Wires might seem like a thing of the past but we believe when put to good use they can still be a thing of the fast. In Wired Mode, Connectify Hotspot PRO and MAX let you share your computer’s Wi-Fi connection via Ethernet so that older gaming consoles, computers, and any other Ethernet-only device can get online.

Custom Hotspot Naming (PRO & MAX)

All premium versions of Connectify Hotspot let you broadcast a totally custom name (SSID) for your Hotspot. If your name’s Jeff,here’s a clever SSID name suggestion on the house: “Jeff’s Hotspot”

Wi-Fi Repeater Mode (MAX)

Hotspot MAX is the only virtual router software that gives you a real Wi-Fi Repeater so you can extend the range of your home or office Wi-Fi. Your main Wi-Fi connection sees all the devices connected to your Hotspot so you can play console games, share files, and stream content across the network. Einstein once said, “Insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome.” So it’s true, even by Einstein’s definition, our software is insanely good.

Bridging Mode (MAX)

With Bridging Mode enabled, your Hotspot MAX connects devices on your Hotspot directly back to the network you’re broadcasting. This powerful feature gives you the power to share across your home network and ensures compatibility with many game consoles like Playstation and Xbox. No virtual soldier should freeze on the Battlefield. Even if that battlefield’s Hoth.

Custom IP and DHCP Controls (MAX)

By default Connectify Hotspot automatically chooses an available IP so you don’t have to worry about configuration. For power users that want more control over their hotspot, Custom IP and DHCP controls ensure that particular devices connect on a user-specified IP range. Power users are strongly urged to find a way to make their custom IP their phone number. Power users are much sought after in the dating world.

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Zu wenig Deal Beschreibung ist nüscht, zu bei davon ist aber auch nüscht

Cooles Programm. Nutze ich jetzt seit 2 Jahren....


Zu wenig Deal Beschreibung ist nüscht, zu bei davon ist aber auch nüscht ; … Zu wenig Deal Beschreibung ist nüscht, zu bei davon ist aber auch nüscht

Mag gut sein, trotzdem kein Grund einen Deal ohne sonstige Begründung so down zu voten..


Cooles Programm. Nutze ich jetzt seit 2 Jahren....

Kann ich nur zustimmen.. Die Minusvoter haben wohl keine Ahnung, für was das Programm eigentlich da ist..

Im Auslandssemester extrem nützlich :-)

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