ConnectStats - Garmin Connect Auswertungen kostenlos statt 2,29€ [iOS]

ConnectStats - Garmin Connect Auswertungen kostenlos statt 2,29€ [iOS]

eingestellt am 27. Jan

aktuell bekommt das Auswertungstool ConnectStats kostenlos im AppStore.
Ihr könnt damit eure Garmin Connect Touren sehr detailliert analysieren.
Es wird iOS 10.3 und 22 MB freier Speicher benötigt.
Bewertungen liegen bei 4,5
Die App ist in englisch.

- Garmin may shut down their API at any time in the future, at this point the only way to use ConnectStats will be to use Strava.
- Data from activity trackers like vivofit or vivosmart are not supported by this app.
- In case of initial connection trouble or issue, please check the support web site, the help or send me a bug report. If you write a negative review I can't reply to you and help you.
- This app is updated incrementally regularly, so the latest reviews constantly drop. Feel free to look at all reviews or leave a new one if you like the app.
- This app is now open source. See the support web page for details.


- Detailled report on your activities, with laps break down, map gradient, graphs and statistics
- Use gradient color to visually see on the map your heart rate, speed, power or cadence
- Calendar view of your activities
- Activity search
- Monthly/Weekly summary statistics of your activities
- Monthly/Weekly/Detailled Historical report and graphs on any collected data
- Display scatter plots, trend lines for both historical and track data.
- Best Rolling Plots, histograms.
- Support multiple garmin connect account simultaneously with multiple profiles.
- Support most activity types, including support for lap swimming activities from GarminSwim or Forerunner 910
- Display the location name for your activities.
- Derived metrics (stride length, Power kJ,...),
- Calculated and auto laps for arbitrary distances or time. Let's you see you split time or distance, fastest km, etc
- Display time in zone for power and heart rate. Zones are downloaded from garmin connect.
- Best Rolling plots and lap for HR, pace and power (Critical Power Plot)
- On iPhone, you can also display and integrate your Health Data (step, heart rate, weight) into your statistics.

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Warum nicht einfach die Garmin app Nutzen??
Die App scheint mir überflüssig, die Connect App von Garmin ist sehr detailliert und reicht vollkommen aus
Bei der Connect App kannst du keine Detailierte Route angucken (wo war ich wie schnell usw)- öffnet mal die Webseite und vergleicht den Funktionsumfang mit der Connect app... das sind Welten
Bearbeitet von: "TaricIAm" 27. Jan
Mal ansehen was die mit meinen Daten machen ..
sowas für android....
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