[coolshop.de] Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus Figurine

[coolshop.de] Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus Figurine

eingestellt am 7. Feb 2017
Guten Tag,

aktuell bekommt Ihr bei Coolshop.de die
Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus Figurine für 15,99 € inkl. Versand.

Preisvergleich sind 29,99 € + Versand Danke @Funmilka

Sonst ist diese Figur Bestandteil der San Francisco Edition von Watch Dogs 2.

Sie ist 24cm groß und meiner Meinung nach gut verarbeitet

Bezahlen könnt Ihr zb. per Paypal.


From the makers of Watch_Dogs® 2 comes the Marcus Figurine, featuring Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker and the newest member of DedSec, an underground network of talented, like-minded hackers. With the help of DedSec, he works to expose a corrupt establishment and help everyday citizens regain personal control.

Marcus's pose demonstrates both his calm demeanor and readiness to respond where he's needed.

Watch_Dogs 2 is the only game where you will be able to use hacking as the ultimate power, and soon you can with Marcus by your side.

  • GET THE OFFICIAL FIGURINE - Created by the makers of Watch_Dogs 2, the Marcus Figurine is perfectly accurate to the in-game character.
  • CONTAINS ALL OF MARCUS'S TOOLS - The Marcus Figurine includes his 3D printed gun, thunder ball melee weapon and his cell phone, which he can use to hack nearly anything.
  • ASSEMBLE THE WATCH_DOGS 2 DIORAMA - The Marcus Figurine locks in with The Wrench Figurine (sold separately)

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Sieht aber echt cool aus! HOT
PVG 29,99€ zzgl. Versand
Bald wird es doch sicher die San Francisco Edition für 30€ geben
Was sich Ubisoft an der Menge Edition bei dem Game dachte, weiß der liebe Gott nichmal.

N1, die Figur ist ja ganz cool..Game habe ich schon durch. Danke
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