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(itch.io) Crooked Silence: The Full Pack (PC-Spiel, gratis)

eingestellt am 14. Jan 2022

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A downloadable game for Windows.

This is a 2 game pack including both Crooked Silence and Crooked Silence: Tales From The Dark DLC with some quality of life improvements.

The Pack Cost $1.25 because Tales From The Dark is a paid for dlc and also that both games are combined into one for easy access. You can play the Original Crooked Silence for Free! here: echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence And you can play Tales From The Dark for Cheaper! here: echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence-tftd

Crooked Silence is a puzzle survival horror fps game with graphics that are made to look like classic horror games made in the 90's. After a mysterious car crash leaving you stranded out in the woods in the middle of nowhere you wake up to find some help. You search a nearby house to see if there is anyone home but only find a run down building with strange growth throughout its floors. As you progress further into the darkness and depths of the building you encounter things that shouldn't exist.

-Solve puzzles to progress

-Limited resources

-Melee and shooting combat

-Classic graphics

-Environmental story telling

-Easter eggs

-Multiple endings

-And more

-Over an hour of gameplay

Crooked Silence: Tales From The Dark is set during and around the events of the main Crooked Silence game (Play it here:echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence).

In TFTD you'll play 3 separate stories among 3 different characters. Each character possess unique gear and skills suited towards the tasks that fall upon them during the evil times that await them. Each characters story will play differently from one another being inspired by classic games with slight references.

Characters and Tales...

Zofia Dusk: A exceptionally gifted spy working with a anti Bio Weapons/Anomaly Weapons Unit. Tasked with a mission to extract classified information from a lab and get it into safer hands. Using her silenced pistol and trusty grappling hook to gain advantage against her foes.

Amber Miles: Just a regular civilian. An athlete for her home town's baseball team and track team. Finds herself broken down in the forest next to some industrial sites while taking a short cut to get home. Eager to get back on the road she searches near by sites to find parts for her car. She soon realizes shes not alone.

Crow: A highly trained soldier that has never failed a mission and will do whatever it takes to complete his objective even if it means sacrificing everything. Ends up in a helicopter crash caused by a mysterious figure in red that wipes his squad. Unfortunately a near by lab is being blown up due to a containment breach.

If you would like to play the original game (Crooked Silence) for free you can check it out here: echo7project.itch.io/crooked-silence If you like it please consider supporting!
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