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Moinsen, bei itch.io bekommt ihr die Spiele Crossing the Cold Valley und Kingdom Ka und Totem (PC & Mac) kostenlos.

A unique experience in which you are tasked with translating and conversing with unidentified entities. Your goal is to make them leave, while using their unique languages.

Note: Mac version seems to be temperamental; may or may not work


  • 3 unique entities:
    • Wreckingball, which has 2 consciousnesses,
    • Creaker, who is a blind pack predator,
    • Cow, who loves to ask philosophical questions,
    • and a secret one, which must be unlocked.
  • 3 interesting languages, with branching dialogue!
  • Careful gameplay and eerie atmospheres!
  • 2+ hrs of gameplay

"The bridge is broken. The waters are deep. The Cold Valley was abandoned some years ago, when its soil became too cold to bear."Crossing to the Cold Valley is a short and linear European fable that leads you through a small corner of a rich and dying world. Take a seat, and enjoy its characters and tales.

Kingdom Ka is a retelling of the world's oldest stories. Enter an abstract world built from pattern and collage, filled with wonderful characters all looking to share their tales.

  • "For when the days are grey.
  • For when life is too short.
  • For when the grass is always greener.
  • For when you wonder where everything that was anything ever came from.
  • Kingdom Ka's gates are always open."

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