Dementia: Book of the Dead (iOS) gratis
Dementia: Book of the Dead (iOS) gratis
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Dementia: Book of the Dead (iOS) gratis


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Our main character is one of the best mercenaries of the “Night Hunters” order. Bishop gave him a new mission. Is it going to be that simple as it seems to him? What is there in the little village on the outskirts? This is what we’re going to find out.

The story line will lead us along a tricky path between reality and mystique. Our character is going to deal with ghosts and demons instead of witches, and the kind Abbot Dick will become an enemy instead of a friend. It seems he's actually not ready for this. And you?..

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Sieht ziemlich nett aus. Grafik ist auch ziemlich stimmungsvoll. Wird auf jeden Fall mal gesichert.

mhhh auf dem iphone wollen die irgendwie 0,89 € -,-

weil abgelaufen. bitte closen coold

Der Titel ist auch die €0,89 Cent noch wert

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