DisplayFusion Multi-Monitor-Tool [Humble Store] [Steam]

DisplayFusion Multi-Monitor-Tool [Humble Store] [Steam]

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DisplayFusion Multi-Monitor-Tool [Humble Store] [Steam]
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Vermutlich eher Nische, aber ich war gerade auf der Suche nach einem Angebot für DisplayFusion, und das ist im Humble Store aktuell um 50% reduziert.

Nächster Vergleichspreis (klärt mich gerne auf falls nicht) 20,24€.

Website: displayfusion.com/

DisplayFusion / Beschreibung:

DisplayFusion will

make your multi-monitor life much easier! With powerful features like

Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys,

DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy. These

features even work when AMD Eyefinity or nVidia Surround are enabled on

your system.

Lifetime License


DisplayFusion license is a lifetime license, you won’t pay anything for

any future updates or new major versions. Pay once, and enjoy

DisplayFusion forever!
Trial License

A 30-day trial of DisplayFusion Pro is available on the download page of our official website: displayfusion.com/Dow…ad/.

When you purchase the Steam version of DisplayFusion Pro, it will

automatically replace the existing DisplayFusion Pro trial the first

time you launch it from within Steam.Key Features
Monitor Splitting (works with Surround and Eyefinity!)

your monitors into multiple virtual monitors so that you can have

separate Taskbars, Wallpapers, Trigger rules, Functions, and Screen

Savers for each split. Applications will maximize to the size of each

split, and Functions like "Move to Next Monitor" will treat each split

as a separate monitor. Compensate for ATI and nVidia Bezel Compensation

in DisplayFusion to prevent your windows from disappearing behind your


Monitor Configuration and Profiles


DisplayFusion to set your Monitor Configuration. Configure the

resolution, colour depth, refresh rate and orientation. You can even

save your configurations as Monitor Profiles that you can load later

using a key combination or TitleBar Button. Link a Wallpaper Profile

with your Monitor Profile to load your desktop wallpaper automatically

based on the monitors you have connected.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

Customize your desktop with Multi-Monitor Wallpapers from WallpaperFusion,
Flickr, InterfaceLIFT, Vladstudio and more. Tile, stretch, scale, crop, position and tint your images exactly how you want.
Multi-Monitor Taskbars

Keep your windows easily organized by adding a taskbar to each of your

The taskbar on each monitor can be configured to show all windows, or

only the windows that are located on that monitor. Use button grouping,

auto-hide, window previews, shortcuts (pinned applications) and much

more to help you work more easily with your application windows. Each

taskbar can have its own custom set of
shortcuts. Taskbar elements on the DisplayFusion Taskbars can
also be customized to your liking, including the position of the Start
button, Taskbar buttons, and clock/system tray.
Customizable Functions and TitleBar Buttons


comes bundled with over 30 pre-configured Functions, or you can create

your own powerful custom Functions. Create Functions to load Wallpaper

Monitor Profiles, move windows around, change window opacity, toggle

DisplayFusion features and much more. Any Function, including custom

Functions that you've created, can be assigned to a TitleBar Button for

easier access
with the mouse, or to a keyboard shortcut for keyboard

power users. Functions can also be assigned to the Jump List menus on

the DisplayFusion Multi-Monitor Taskbars, allowing them to be run even

on applications that are minimized.
Monitor Fading

Focus on the task at hand, by automatically dimming unused monitors and application windows.
Scripted Functions

Need more options? Use DisplayFusion's Scripted Functions (Macros) to script anything you can imagine. Use C# or VB.net inside DisplayFusion to create your own custom scripts. From simple window movement scripts to anything more complex.



Triggers feature allows you to listen for events, like window creation,

window focus, desktop unlock, system idle and more. Then you can run

preset commands or custom scripts to manipulate that window, or anything

else you can imagine.
Remote Control


control DisplayFusion from your phone or tablet! Change your wallpaper,

move windows around, enable/disable monitors and hundreds of other

abilities, all from your phone or tablet. Includes support for scripted

functions, new in DisplayFusion 7. You can script a complete set of

actions, save it as a scripted
function and run it from your phone or tablet with one-click. It’s easy to setup and even easier to use.
  • Windows 10 and Windows 8 Tweaks
  • Window Snapping
  • Window Management
  • Change your Windows Logon Background
  • Multi-Monitor Screen Savers
  • Alt+Tab Replacement
  • Save and restore your desktop icon layout
  • Supports as many monitors as you can hookup to your computer
  • Available in over 40 languages
  • See All Features: displayfusion.com
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