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Drakensang für 2,99€ [GOG]
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Drakensang für 2,99€ [GOG]

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Drakensang für 2,99€ [GOG]
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PVG: 9,99€
System: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Sprache: deutsch, englisch, fränzösisch
Testbericht: Gamestar

Spielbeschreibung / Drakensang

Drakensang is a third-person party-based RPG based on the pen & paper role-play rules of The Dark Eye. Drakensang is the first PC game for over 10 years to be based on Germany's most successful and popular role-play system. Drakensang builds on the pen & paper rules as applied in version 4.0. The developers have optimized the rulebook specially for the PC realization in order to make the game more accessible. But the essential qualities and the depth of the original rules have not been compromised
  • Experience an exciting story within a huge campaign involving numerous main and side quests
  • Adventure groups with up to four adventurers
  • Expert character-creation mode for experienced DSA fans
  • More than 40 spells, with over 30 talents and almost 40 special abilities allow a large range of possibilities for character creation
  • Numerous and varied enemies and monsters from the DSA universe, such as linnorms, ogres, undead mules, giant amoeba and many more
  • Story by original DSA authors
  • Rule-compliant implementation of the DSA licence in the tradition of the Nordland Trilogy
  • Tactical combat system with pause function
  • Varied and flexible magic system
  • Talent-based dialogue system

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