EBAY - Fischauge Objektiv für smartphones

EBAY - Fischauge Objektiv für smartphones

eingestellt am 5. Jun 2014
This is Jelly Lens Wide Angle Fish Eye, For Compact Digital Camera Cell Phone iPhone.
100% Brand New.
Tiny detachable stick-on lens.
It gives the special wide angle effect for your photos.
If you give a shot close enough to an object, the fish eye special effect will appear.
Removable & reusable.
Creates wide angle panoramic shot or a fish-eye effect when used up close to an object.
Great portable accessory for your camera, cell-phone or web camera.
Works well on lenses that are no bigger than 1cm in diameter.

How to use:
Remove the lens cap from the adhesive pad.
Align the centre of this lens to the centre of the camera lens.
Confirm the position of the lens on the screen.
Rotate the lens to adjust the angle of the sparks.
Take a picture and see the amazing result.
Put the lens cap back in the position after use.

Original box: NO
Item size: 20 x 15mm
Net weight: 4g
Package weight: 13g
Color : Olivine

Packing content:
1 x Wide Angle Jelly Lens Fish Eye for Phone Digital Camera
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