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Embers Adrift - PvE - MMORPG für 30,59€ [Release: 15. Okt. 2022] [Vanguard] [EQ]

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Guten Abend,

momentan gibt es für das neue Oldschool-PvE-MMORPG "Embers Adrift" folgenden Release-Rabatt bis Ende Oktober 2022:

2050578_1.jpgSTORE-LINK / Embers Adrift - Launch: 15. Okt. 2022 (Open BETA Termine: siehe Embers Adrift / Forum)

PVG: 40,79€
System: PC / MAC
Sprache: englisch

Hinweis ---> monatliche Abo-Kosten: ja (Abo-Rabatt: siehe Text)

For a limited time, we will be offering reduced pricing to celebrate the launch of Embers Adrift starting at $29.99 from October 1st - 31st which will include 30 days of game time. The subscription will also be reduced to $9.99 per month until the end of 2022. This limited offer will expire on January 1st, 2023, so lock in your subscription this year and enjoy your days in Embers Adrift at the reduced price for as long as your subscription remains active! After the limited offer the standard retail prices will be in effect, $39.99 for Embers Adrift which includes 30 days of game time, and $14.99 a month subscription thereafter.

2050578_1.jpgEmbers Adrift - Launch Promotion ---> LINK

Beschreibung / Inhalt / Embers Adrift / PvE-MMORPG

  • Wholly PvE Experience in a low fantasy setting
  • Compelling original soundtrack with unique tracks per region
  • Soundtrack includes several dynamic tracks that change depending on your state in the game
  • Strategic tab-target combat system with defensive and offensive targeting that shines in group play
  • Adventure content designed for solo players, small groups, and full 6-person groups for levels 1-50
  • 3 Base roles branching into 9 Specializations at level 6 including crowd control
  • Unique "death" penalty mechanics including unique revival, retrieval, wound and recovery system
  • Crafting system with 3 gathering roles, 6 crafting professions, and material-driven benefits
  • Imbue crafted items with Ember Flux to bring them to a whole new level
  • Weapon and Armor augmentation system
  • Meaningful day and night cycles that affect the world and mob behavior
  • Useful light sources, including ground torches set by players as beacons
  • Static, dynamic, and rare campaign-like quests with different choices and different outcomes
  • Layered equipment system
  • Vast overland zones and non-linear dungeons with escape routes
  • Rare dynamic dungeon entrances with their own mob sets and rare mobs
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Unique AI and aggro system
  • Limited fast travel for easy access to groups
  • Editable character appearance via character select screen
  • Mysterious lore that unfolds as the game grows
  • Immersive environmental navigation
  • Low fantasy magic system "Alchemy" (Ember use) that all players can utilize
  • Shared banks for all characters on an account and Personal Stashes for each character

---> No Cash Shops, Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, NFTs, or any in-game Monetization !

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  1. Avatar
    37802405-zgJyW.jpg---> No Cash Shops, Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, NFTs, or any in-game Monetization !
    Das sollte eigentlich selbstverständlich sein, wenn monatliche Gebühren erhoben werden (?). Entweder das Eine oder das Andere.
  2. Avatar
    Also das „oldschoolige“ an dem Spiel sind die monatlichen Kosten?
  3. Avatar
    Ich preorder nix.
    Kommt da noch eine Open Beta vorm Release? (bearbeitet)
  4. Avatar
    Ist jetzt raus und wie erwartet ein kompletter Fail
    Warum ist das Ding von Anfang an zum scheitern verurteilt & laut deiner Aussage: "Wie erwartet ein kompletter Fail" ?
    Erklärung deinerseits warum wieso weshalb wär schon ganz hilfreich für etwaige Kunden. Danke. (bearbeitet)