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eingestellt am 12. Okt 2021

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bei GOG bekommt ihr derzeit Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (PC) für 2,79€ wie immer DRM-Frei. Bezahlen könnt ihr z.B. mit PayPal.

Genre: Strategie - Bauen - Historisch
Metacritic: 77%
User Score: 7.7
Preisvergleich: 4,62€
Sprachen: English
Größe: 482 MB
Läuft auf: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Your People Shall Build You a Great Empire if You Rule Them Wisely.

Start with a plot of land by the Yang-Tze and end with the Earth’s mightiest empire. Help your people thrive. Discover new technologies. Set taxes, control trade, raise huge armies. Invade other cities and make them yours. Decorate. Do you have what it takes to build the Great Wall? Will you remember to honor your ancestors? Your throne awaits!

  • Build and rule ancient China wisely.
  • Get to know your citizens: Each has a personality, and they're smarter than ever to make your life easier.
  • Keep back the horde! New combat controls offer more intense fun in battles.
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