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Gepostet 7 November 2022

Endloses Bogenschießen für iOS - App Store

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The arcade archery game you've been looking for! Hit the target area to advance your journey through this colorful world. No loading - each level seamlessly blends into the next!

• Fire arrows with the timing-based aiming system

• Advance through five beautiful environments

• Fight the wind to score hole-in-ones. Try to keep a streak going!

• Procedurally generated terrain - the game never has to end!

• Online leaderboards - beat your friends!

• Chill out with ambient piano background music

• Track various stats and achievements

• No ads or in-app purchases - you're buying the full game

Endless Archery is perfect for those who enjoy...

• Engaging physics simulations

• Short play sessions on the bus, train, etc

• Competing on skill-based leaderboards

• Chilling out - many fans have commented on how relaxing they find the game!

"This reminds me of those flash games I used to play and lose hours to. Simple, fun, challenging, and rewarding. Quite the brew." - talksrealfast (App Store review)

"I love the music and that it can be played endlessly. The game is very relaxing and not stressful at all, which is exactly what I was looking for!" - darkraian (App Store review)

"No ads, no iap. Pretty enjoyable. Good game to play while taking a dump" - MityaB20 (App Store review)
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    Lasst es sein, es macht süchtig
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    Es gibt nichts, was es nicht gibt (bearbeitet)
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    Da ist man im Loop gefangen bis ans Lebensende.
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    Cooles game! Danke
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    Diese Deal-Beschreibung
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  7. Avatar
    Kann man eigentlich nicht meckern, für die Sitzungen auf dem WC eigentlich ein netter Zeitvertreib. Scheint sich aber bis auf die Hintergründe nicht nennenswert zu verändern.
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