[ENGLISCH: Lonely Planet ebook] 25 City Adventures for Families

[ENGLISCH: Lonely Planet ebook] 25 City Adventures for Families

eingestellt am 26. Apr 2016

Lonely Planet Kids bietet seit 1.3. kostenlos dieses spezielle Ebook für Familien mit Kindern an. Wer vor hat mit seinen Kindern ins Ausland zu gehen kann sich hier vielleicht ein wenig Inspiration holen. Man kann irgendwelche Daten angeben um zur Downloadseite zu gelangen.
Auch über Amazon verfügbar (siehe Kommentare):
Inside 25 City Adventures for Families:

Tons of ideas and tips from Lonely Planet's community of family travel writers to inspire you to explore 25 amazing cities around the world
'Did you know?' facts about each city
A fun family activity for each city
Inspirational, full-colour images
Everything you need to whet your family's appetite for your next family adventure!

Mit dabei sind folgende Städte:
Cape Town
Dubai Florence
Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong
Las Vegas
New Orleans
New York City
Quebec City
San Francisco
Singapore Tokyo
Washington D.C.

Hier mal die erste Seite zitiert:
Here at Lonely Planet Kids we’re celebrating a year
of learning about and travelling to cities with your
kids. Sure, cities can be a challenge: expensive,
chaotic and often a cultural overload for small
people. But they are also exciting, fascinating and
above all fun places to explore as a family, if you
know how. And that’s where this ebook comes in.

We’ve asked the family travel experts in our Lonely
Planet Pathfinders programme to give us their
recommendations and tips for 25 cities around the
globe. These are people who regularly take their
kids on urban adventures and as such know the
tricks of the trade: where’s best to go when the kids
need a break, which museums are particularly good
for children, how you can save money, and more.
We’ve also included some fun facts and an at-home
activity inspired by each city, so there’s plenty to
keep your little ones interested as well.

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