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ihr bekommt derzeit das Spiel Fantasy Royal VR (Steam) kostenlos. Hier und bei geöffnetem Steamclient den grünen Install Button drücken. Oder hier F12 drücken um die Konsole zu öffnen und dann AddFreeLicense (508173) eingeben mit Enter bestätigen.

Update: Bodyless gibt es nun auch kostenlos steam://install/1202100

Genre: Strategie
Normalpreis: 7,39€
Sprachen: Englisch
"Fantasy Royal VR" is a VR strategy battle game played in a sci-fi world. Make one's mark in the world through future virtual strategic sports. Only those who can control various battlefields and unique units can become true champions.

In this world, you are a virtual E-Sport professional named "Fantasy Royal."
War in space universes has become a kind of sport, and war entertainment, which has been born like this, is gaining huge popularity.

You must construct a strategy that is valid for the environments of various planets for victory. Then, you need to control the units that fit your strategy. For three minutes you may have to respond to the enemy's strategy, or you may have to carry out your strategy hard. Your strategy, your judgment, your quick wit will make you the ruler of the battlefield.
* Special screening for Ars Electronica Festival 2020. Valid until Oct 15, 2020. Bodyless is a surreal VR experience based on the director's childhood memory during Taiwan's martial law period in the 1970s. The player becomes a deceased political prisoner's ghost in his journey to find his way home.

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