Flame Painter 3

Flame Painter 3

eingestellt am 4. Feb 2015
Über Mighty Deals gibt es das Programm: Flame Painter für 9$ + MwSt. wären es dann 10,71$ Entspricht 9,36€

Es handelt sich dabei um die Personal Edition. Die Professionel Edition gibt es für 45$ + Steuer

Über die Website des Herstellers kostet die Personal 29,99$ und die Pro 89,99$

Es kann per PayPal oder Kreditkarte gezahlt werden

Hier mal die genaue Beschreibung:

Adding cool flame and light effects to your regular photos is a wonderful way to impress your clients and friends. And with Flame Painter 3, for Mac or Windows, adding these effects is a snap. Using an intuitive interface, you can choose from 100s of different flame brushes to add amazing light and flame effects to all sorts of images. Perfect for professional artists as well as amateurs, Flame Painter 3 can push your current project to the next level. And through this Mighty Deal, for a limited time only, you can save up to 70% off the regular price!

Flame Painter 3 Highlights:

Easily Create Original Effects
Using flame brushes, you can simply build your own original artwork, light effects, backgrounds and more.
Great for All Skill Levels
Flame Painter 3 was designed for both professional artists, as well as those without artistic skills, and this fabulous tool is currently used by thousands of professionals from CG artists to designers to school children.
100s of Unique Flame Brushes
You'll have access to hundreds of unique flame brushes to use on your images. Choose from a variety of styles like Flame, Follow and Ribbon, as well as Normal, Lighten and Darken modes. There are even some breathtaking gradient transitions available.
Brush Options
Keep things simple for yourself by opening and saving various Brush Presets. You can even share brushes in an online library.
Incredible Light Effects
Add all types of flame light effects to your images. Visually enhance the mood and feel of any photo by adding a feeling of motion with these state-of-the-art effects.
Build Beautiful Backgrounds
Using editable vector backgrounds, a few strokes is all you'll need to create some stunning background themes.
Loads of Layers & Effects Options
You'll have a huge variety of options at your disposal to work with layers and effects. Just some of the many options include:
Move and resize layers & canvas
Safe boundary - extended canvas
Unlimited layers
22 Photoshop blending modes
Blur and Glow effect filters
Tiling to create seamless textures
Multiple File Formats
Flame Painter 3 works with a number of popular image file formats including FPA, PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP files. In addition to supporting Leap Motion, you can use a simple drag and drop feature to move images from your computer or the Web.
Powerful Flame Engine
This newest version of Flame Painter features an incredibly powerful Flame engine. With an intuitive customizable interface, it features Multicore optimizations, Fast Flame Renderer, Unlimited image size (64 bit) and a full-screen mode.
Pro License Features
If you're an advanced user, consider grabbing the Pro License. It comes with loads more options such as:
A Photoshop plugin
Open and save layered PSD files
Copy & Paste to 3rd party apps
Editable vector layers
Export SVG vector format files
Wacom tablet support
Hi-res renderer
Supersmooth Antialiasing
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Das hab ich gesucht nachdem ich es mal online probiert habe ( escapemotions.com/exp…php ), hatte ich es geschlossen und wieder vergessen und paar Monate später brauchte ich sowas und nimmer gefunden.

Unterschiede Personal/Pro?


... Unterschiede Personal/Pro?

Personal Edition
- Single user, non-commercial use
- Pay just $9 (regularly $29.99)
Professional Edition
- Multiple users or multiple computers for a single users, commercial use
- Pay just $45 (regularly $89.99)

Mhm, kaufen oder nicht für zwei-/dreimal im Jahr was mit Flammen auf Flyern, etc...?
Nee, glaube nicht. Dafür reichen Photoshop flame-brushes auch aus. Aber hot für Leute, die es öfter brauchen können.

Sehe gerade, die Pro Version hat außerdem Wacom Support und HiRes, PSD Layer save und ist als Plugin für CS5 und 6 nutzbar und mehr.
Dann lohnt die personal Version nur zum Rumspielen.

Edit: und steht ja auch alles oben schon drin...(_;)

Mit dem Code "WPEXPLORER" gibt es noch 10%! (im Warenkorb eintragen);)

Keine HiRes Ausgabe (würd ich aber für Poster brauchen) und kein Ps Plugin... nee bringt mir dann auch nichts. Hätte es sonst genommen auch wenn ichs selten brauch.
40,50$ für die Pro sind mir aber auch zuviel.


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Neuer Deal-Poster! Das ist der erste Deal von kingofthehhill. Helft, indem ihr Tipps postet oder euch einfach für den Deal bedankt.