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FOCUS Projects 4 [for PC & Mac]
eingestellt am 20. Mai 2021
Create textbook macros, razor-sharp and with details like you’ve never seen before. With the new technologies of FOCUS Projects 4 you can create state-of-the-art macro photos which have a fascinating depth of focus and bring extraordinary details to light.

NEW: HQ Stacking with 64-bit Calculation
NEW: Focus Boost Technology for even greater sharpness
Significance Testing for your Focus Stack
Up to 30 Sharpness Levels
Extra Presets for faster results in an unique quality
Extra Expert Filter Set
Removal of Scratch and Sensor Errors
SCA method for finest Colour Details
Colour Tone Module
Selective Tool for Image Retouching
Intelligent Automatic Image Optimizer
Undo Function with Timeline Display
3D Function: three-axis rotation 3D Lighting
Export as Web Page, Video or 3D VRML Object and almost any other Image Format
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