[Free MP3/FLAC-EP] The South Shore Ramblers? - Bare Knuckle Blackout @Bandcamp

[Free MP3/FLAC-EP] The South Shore Ramblers? - Bare Knuckle Blackout @Bandcamp

eingestellt am 13. Dez 2014
Celtic-Folk-Punk aus Johannesburg - einfach geil!

The South Shore Ramblers was established in late 2014 by ex-members of the now disbanded South African Celtic punk band The Sunday Punchers. Darryn Small (Drums), Shaun Hillary (Banjo & Mandolin), Kenneth Dennis (Accordion) and Bruce Missing (Pipes & Whistles) teamed up with fresh blood, seasoned COPA graduates and full time musicians, Les Bainbridge (Acoustic Guitar) and Sean Barron (Electric Guitar) to form an honest grass roots folk punk rock band. The band, shortly after forming, welcomed Martin Bezuidenhout (formerly from The Daily Headache) as their lead vocalist and frontman.

1. Thirstday 01:58
2. Bare Knuckle Blackout 03:30
3. Own Wicked Device 03:51
4. Hoodlums on Heat 03:03
5. Chugg 02:51
6. Its Alright 04:14
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Warum Punk-Rock mit Folk? Ach ja, Punk ist/war ja so eine Komiker-Jugendbewegung... F!?k.

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