@geekbuying: Original Xiaomi Yueli Haarschneider

@geekbuying: Original Xiaomi Yueli Haarschneider

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Product details

Material: food grade ABS

Waterproof level: IP7

Working time: 45min

Power input: 110-240V~50/60Hz

Power output: 3.0 1000mA

Motor rotation speed: 5500 r/min


Dinension & Weight Dimension: 151x40x40mm

Package content 1 x Hair clipper

1 x Charger

3 x Lubricating oil

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Bib

1 x Cleaning foam

1 x User manual
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Kein Bluetooth? Kein Wlan? Keine App? ... Kein Xiaomi!
Das ist eig. sehr interessant. Bis jetzt hat nur Philips die abgerundeten Ecken. Xiaomi hat diese wohl jetzt auch. Aber EUR Stecker fehlt leider v_v
Ganze 6€ günstiger als bei Banggood neulich.
Somit auch unter der Freigrenze.
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fr3chdachsvor 14 m

Aufsätze? Minimale schnittlänge?Fragen über Fragen

Wen interessiert's? Wichtig das es von Xiaomi ist xD
Apepvor 5 m

Wen interessiert's? Wichtig das es von Xiaomi ist xD

Du meinst wohl: Naomi ..
15352493-NTVDS.jpgHat das Ding Sprachsteuerung?? Alexa kompatibel??
Was stellen die eigentlich nicht her?

Nanometer ceramic inserts

Nanoscale ceramic blade, its sharpness is 10 times as much as the steel blade. With high hardness, wear resistant, fade resistant. Detachable blade, easy to clean. The blade is with round R angle, will not hurt baby's skin or scalp.

Different types of positioning combs

Comes with combs for shaving either long hair or short stubble. Can be used for trimming 1mm/3-6mm/9-12mm length hair.

Low noise and waterproof design

Adopts the low noise design, low to 55dB, noise-free and bother free, offering mute shaving experience. IPX7 waterproof, the whole body is washable.

Ni-MH battery

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, can be used for more than 45 minutes after 8 hours charging. Strong power provides constant trimming of steady speed. With indicator light showing working status.

Non-slip design

Ergonomic streamlined shape, comfortable to handle.
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