[Gleam.io] The ORB Chambers mit Sammelkarten
[Gleam.io] The ORB Chambers mit Sammelkarten
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[Gleam.io] The ORB Chambers mit Sammelkarten

Spiel ist alles andere als wirklich spaßig aber naja.. ein Freebie eben :-)

The Orb Chambers is a puzzle physics plat former, the most intense mouse only game, fast, accurate and quick reflexes is the way to play. With over 30 incredibly hard levels and many hours of game-play this game will get you addicted within minutes.

The game uses a physics engine which has been refined for the best feeling possible when playing.

The game will run at 60fps and will include a hardmode which will add about 150% more gametime to the 2 - 3 hour game depending how good you are.

The game is addictive and well worth the price.

support from the community is welcome if you find any bugs or issues please post it in a forum. Thank you and happy dying!

Steam Preis: 3,74€

Steam Store: store.steampowered.com/app…20/ (Klickbarer Link im 1. Kommentar)

- ddaron

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Hot und dazu noch Sammelkarten! Danke!

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hot danke!




Wer kennt Agar.io und slither.io?

WTF?!? oO

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