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(Google Play Store / App Store) Memorize: Learn French / Russian Words (Android, iOS, Vokabelkarten, Sprache)

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Im Play Store / App Store werden aktuell 2 Apps für 0€ angeboten, die auf Karteikarten zum Erlernen/auffrischen einer Sprache setzen. Aktuell sind die Apps für Französisch und Russisch für 0€ statt jeweils 5,99€ zu haben. Beide Apps sind in Englisch und enthalten weder Werbung oder In-App-Käufe. Viel Spaß.

Memorize: Learn French Words

Memorize: Learn Russian Words

Hinweis: App Beschreibung aufgrund der Länge nur einmal, anhand der Französisch-App - ist im Prinzip das gleiche.

Fragen und Anregungen sind in den Kommentaren gerne gesehen (selbstverständlich sind auch Nörgler herzlich willkommen).

“Memorize: Learn French Words with Flashcards” is an AI-based study App for learning and memorizing French vocabulary.

*5000+ Useful French Words*

-French vocabulary flashcards picked by experts

-The designed word sets for an expat, businessman, tourist, and language learners

-Vocabularies for all language levels - from absolute beginner to very advanced

-Ultimate vocabulary list for DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF test preparation

-5000+ flashcards which cover the most useful French words from different categories: Numbers, Directions, Colors, Transportation, Travel, Calendar, Hobbies, Foods, Shopping, Family, Nature, Health, Feelings, Body, Dating, Society, Culture, Language, History, Foreign Countries, Education, School, Economy, Science, Business, Study & Test, Emergency, Etc..

-Phonetic Transcription of French for reading and speaking easily

-Audio included in every flashcard to practice listening and pronunciation

-And more & more French vocabulary flashcards will be added continuously.

*Scientific Way to Learn the French words*

-Artificial Intelligence (AI) picks French words that you need to learn based on the detailed analysis of your achievement and progress.

-From starting out with a small number of flashcards, more & more will be added automatically to the next test set until you can memorize all the cards in the dictionary.
-New and difficult French flashcards will be shown more often while old and easy cards will be shown less often to exploit the psychological spacing effect. The use of this spaced repetition system (SRS) has been shown to increase the rate of learning.

-By comparing your habit to other users, AI continuously personalizes the level of difficulty and the amount of your test for effective vocabulary memorization.

-And this scientific algorithm reminds you at the proper time to review words so that you will never forget.

*Easy, Fast and Clean Features*

-Ready-to-learn simple and intuitive French - English translation flashcards

-Support many types of test for learning French (Multiple choice question, listening, matching, flipping flashcard and etc.)

-Search the entire word dictionary in English or French

-Detailed stats on your overall progress, whole French dictionary and individual words that you memorized

-Settings for turning on/off pronunciation symbols

-Light and dark themes

-Support French and Canadian French audio

-Settings for audio gender and playback speed

-Support split view and slide over for iPad

-Support landscape mode for iPad

-Realtime syncing with your other phones and tablets

*Memorize: Learn French Words with Flashcards*

Vocabulary represents one of the most important skills necessary for learning a foreign language. It is the basis for the development of all the other skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, writing, spelling, and pronunciation.
When confronted with a native French speaker, when watching a movie without subtitle or when listening to a favorite French song, when reading a text or when writing a letter to a French friend, language learners will always need to operate with words.

We focus on the techniques which help you remember the vocabulary.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them us an email at support+french+ios@memorize.tech

Thank you!
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    Vielen Dank, direkt geladen
    Mit Memorize lässt es sich gut lernen
    En français, s'il vous plaît.
  2. Avatar
    Was? Im Titel steht Ru**ian?

  3. Avatar
    Um die App zu nutzen, brauche ich dann noch eine App um Englisch zu lernen
    Die haben auch eine "Learn English Words"-App. Da lernt man Englische Wörter - in Englisch. (bearbeitet)
  4. Avatar
    Schlechte App. Einfach Anki benutzen, ANKI IST KÖNIG
  5. Avatar
    Lern Russian ist auch kostenlos.
    Eventuell einfach den Dealtitel erneut lesen.