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[Google Play Store] Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)
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[Google Play Store] Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)

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[Google Play Store] Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)
eingestellt am 12. Feb 2021

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▶▶▶ VIP Benefits ◀◀◀
· Fire suit (ATT +20%, Gold acquisition +20% )
ㄴ Available at Store → Suit
· Magic stone : 100
1752899.jpg▶Game Introduction◀
Leaving-alone farming RPG
Grow your assassin stronger with easy and convenient play.

■ Come on, everyone! You monsters!
Defeat the monsters that come in unit
by unit with the unique characters and various skills!

■ Full of items you can get through hunting!
Try to make it right for you by acquiring,
disassembling, and reinforcing various items given!

■ Heroes, please help me!
The reincarnated heroes that are available
by using reincarnation points will be the most powerful
reinforcements for battles with monsters!

■ Special adventures are always fun!
Fight the strong boss [Boss Battle]
Fight the monsters that come endlessly [Infinite Mode]
Gold falls like rain [Gold Warehouse]
Send my alter ego [Exploration Mode]
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