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[Google Play Store] Bookmark Manager - Website favorites manager
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[Google Play Store] Bookmark Manager - Website favorites manager

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[Google Play Store] Bookmark Manager - Website favorites manager
eingestellt am 25. Jan 2021

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Im Play Store gibt es gerade den Bookmark Manager für lau.
Bookmark Management app to save bookmarks independently from the browser. Save, browse and manage all bookmarks easily and quickly by Bookmark Manager app.

Save all your links, favorites websites, URL of news sites, books, popular channels, recipes channels.

Manage all your links and access all bookmarks quickly using Bookmark Manager.

Its Links organizer app with folders like structures. so you can manage, categorize your bookmarks and access them quickly from one single app.

With Bookmark Manager, you can save & organize your links faster.
Simple and easy user interface of the app makes it easy to find and access bookmarks quickly.

Export and import option allows you to save and restore your bookmarks from one phone to another phone. this is very useful when you change your phone.

✔ Features:
◇ Create bookmarks quickly from any of your browser using share menu.
◇ Categorize your bookmarks with folder structure.
◇ Sort bookmarks and folders.
◇ Export and import bookmarks.
◇ Easy simple User Interface.
◇ Dark Light themes

To fetch the favicon of website

To export and import the file

To create folder shortcut and bookmark shortcut
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