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[Google Play Store] Learn English with Listening Master Pro
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[Google Play Store] Learn English with Listening Master Pro

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[Google Play Store] Learn English with Listening Master Pro
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1757029.jpgListening Master will help you understand and learn English better, improve your English language skills and help you learn real English spoken in everyday situations.

Learn English - Listening Master makes a game out of helping you to practice and improve your English listening skills through dictation using real English conversations in a fun, enjoyable and educational way.

Learn real English and practice your English listening skills by typing the letters of the words you hear or tapping the words of the audio to form the sentences.

English Listening Master is a fun and educational game for English language students of all levels who want to learn English and improve their listening skills in a more entertaining way.

Perfect classroom audio listening recordings don't prepare you for listening in the real world.

English Listening Master uses audio from thousands of different native speakers in real settings complete with background noise to make the task more realistic, more practical, and more effective.

How do you play?
  • It’s easy. Listen to the audio, and tap or type the words you hear to form the correct sentence.
  • With this entertaining dictation game, you will learn English and practice listening in a fun way.
  • With three modes of difficulty to write the sentences and four levels of sentence difficulty, Listening Master is great for everyone from the elementary level right up to the most seasoned and skilled English ears.
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