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[google play store] Numberwiz
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[google play store] Numberwiz

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[google play store] Numberwiz
eingestellt am 16. Sep 2021

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Hallo zusammen,
im Play Store gibt es gerade Numberwiz für lau statt für 0,80 Euro. Bewertung 4,1 bei über 10k Downloads. Die App enthält weder Werbung noch In App Käufe.

1857726-jHgQ5.jpgGive it a number and it will tell you many useful things about the number.

More features are added all the time.

Current features:
Full factorization
Prime factorization
Trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent)
Conversion to Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal notation
Factorial computation
Square, cube, and every root up to the 10th root
Palindromic digit detection

Planned features:
Full equation evaluator
Derivatives and Integrals
Function graphs (y=f(x))
Function arithmetic (f(x)+g(x)=?)
Algebra solver
Arbitrary precision calculator (Infinite precision)
Full hardware acceleration for much more efficiency and speed
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