[Google Playstore] CATHERINE THE Vampire & MARK'S LIFE

[Google Playstore] CATHERINE THE Vampire & MARK'S LIFE

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[Google Playstore] CATHERINE THE Vampire & MARK'S LIFE
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The day was coming to an end. Catherine was beginning to wake up. In her nose, as always, after she opened her eyes for several decades, was the smell of basement damp. It didn't bother her much, she was already accustomed to it, but when she woke up she always noticed it. She lived in a small room in the basement of an abandoned house. Previously, a homeless person lived here, so there was some furniture in the room, and the walls were partially covered with old, worn wallpaper, behind which you could sometimes hear the rustling of insects. Waking up completely, Catherine stretched like a cat and sat on the mattress. She didn't know what will she do today. Her thirst for blood, which she sometimes had, was not very disturbing to her now. Last night she went hunting, and now she could live in peace for the next few days. Turning slightly to the left, she noticed that now she was not alone in the room - a cat was sitting next to her, intently turning her eyes on Catherine. Catherine loved cats, more than anyone in this world, she trusted them. There were many of them in her life, and her life has already stretched for almost five hundred years. Catherine has long ceased to give them names, because if you give the cat a name, you grow attached, and the harder it will be to lose them later. Standing on its paws, the cat stretched, just like Catherine did, and walked over to her. You and I look alike - Catherine said and also got to her feet. Ahead of another day of our lives, let's go, it's already dark. It's time to go outside. The two of them headed for the exit...



After leaving his hometown to live alone, after the death of his parents, Mark moved into a small town named Sullen Town, where his only desire, is to start a new life...

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