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[Google Playstore] Dean The Kid: Action Platformer
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[Google Playstore] Dean The Kid: Action Platformer

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[Google Playstore] Dean The Kid: Action Platformer
eingestellt am 28. Okt 2020

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Dean The Kid is a new 2D side scrolling action platformer by Leeding Apps. Play as the unlikely hero Dean and embark on an epic quest to rescue the damsel in distress.

Take in the beautiful hand drawn artwork as you make your way through 50 unique, hand crafted levels across 5 stunning, increasingly difficult worlds. There are various platforming challenges and interesting new mechanics gradually introduced as you progress the games story-line.

Play with the newly designed on-screen control system for a smooth, seamless, hassle free experience.

Overcome intense boss battles controlled by smart, dynamic AI as you compete against yourself to beat your best scores and earn as many stars as you can.

Search around secret areas to find hidden collectibles. Try to find them all!

Gather and eat candy to increase your sugar levels. Fill your sugar meter to go into a sugar rush. Wreak havoc amongst your enemies, destroying everything in your path.

Break open treasure chests or collect valuable gems and gold coins to spend at the in game shops unlocking upgrades as you progress through the game. Upgrade your raw strength, movement speed, vitality or even your shotgun.
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